ABAMET tablets

Helps to better utilize the carbohydrates deriving from the diet

ABAMET is the first product of Nutravis.

This food supplement helps to better utilize the carbohydrates deriving from the diet. It’s formulated in tablets containig GSECM-50, a mixture consisting of grape seed extract titrated in abscisic acid (ABA), chromium picolinate and magnesium oxide.

The main innovation of ABAMET, compared to other existing commercial food supplements for glycemic control, is based on its content of ABA, a natural molecule deriving from plants and able to act on human glucose metabolism.

The Nutravis researchers’ team demonstrated and patented that ABA, in the dose contained in ABAMET, is able to improve glycemic control in humans promoting greater muscle uptake of carbohydrates by sparing insulin secretion. The insulin release saving is particularly advantageous in prediabetic subjects because it greatly reduces the prolonged stimulation of pancreatic β-cells which at last causes insulin insufficiency and diabetes development.

The daily intake of one tablet of ABAMET, associated with an appropriate lifestyle, may therefore provide a preventive effect on the onset, or enhancements if already in action, of glucose metabolism’s alterations.

ABAMET has been tested on humans to evaluate its effectiveness. The experiment, in this first “pilot” trial, was conducted on a limited number of subjects (n = 10) in order to obtain a preliminary confirmation of the several results achieved in the already carried out preclinical studies.

In line with expectations, the assumption of ABAMET in healthy fasting subjects, followed by a standardized rich-carbohydrate meal, showed a significant improvement in glycemic control compared to the one observed in the same subjects without taking ABAMET.

In addition, the daily intake of one tablet of ABAMET for 75 days on subjects who had at the beginning of the treatment glycemic (fasting glycemia, glycated hemoglobin) and / or lipid (total cholesterol, cardiovascular risk) parameters ascribable to a condition of prediabetes and / or of metabolic syndrome, has allowed to significantly improve these parameters bringing them back to normal values.

The following table (adapted from Magnone M et al., Nutrients) summarized the main results obtained. The complete results of these studies have been published in the prestigious international peer-reviewed scientific journal Nutrients. Read full Publication